Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste of Oaxaca in Taos, New Mexico: Master Zapotec Weaver, Florentino Gutierrez Gives a Weaving Demonstration

October 3-4, 2009

On Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd and 4th, Starr Interiors weaving gallery will host a special event in their courtyard to coincide with the Taos Wool Festival. Noted Master Zapotec Weaver, Florentino Gutierrez, will be giving a weaving demonstration showing the traditional method of the centuries old Zapotec Indian flat weaving technique on a double harness loom.

His wife, Eloisa, will be preparing and serving traditional Oaxacan hot chocolate, a delicious blend of hand ground chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, beat to a frothy mixture that is traditionally served at all important events in Oaxaca.

Thirty or so years ago, Florentino Gutierrez was a young law student, one of the first from his Zapotec Indian village outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Like most of the men from his village he was also a weaver and an exceptionally fine one. Raised by an older cousin, he was steeped in the tradition of weaving that the village is known for.

Before becoming an "abagado," Florentino decided to stop his studies and continue in the weaving tradition, eventually finding his place as a master weaver and then as one of the village council members, proudly possessing the staff that represents one of the highest forms of service to his community.

Now, with several decades of dedication to developing his craft, he has been able to send his oldest son to continue his education, not as a lawyer, but as a doctor of medicine. He and his wife, Eloisa, live with their three children in a spacious home in the village with a courtyard filled with flowers and birdsong.

Starr Interior’s owner, Susanna Starr, has had a close relationship with the weaver and his family for thirty five years. The entire collection of his weavings will be exhibited and on special sale during the weekend event.

117-119 Paseo del Pueblo Norte (2 doors south of the historic Taos Inn)
Taos, New Mexico
575 758 3065
MEDIA: For more media information contact Leah or Susanna at Starr Interiors
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photos by John Lamkin

Join Us This Weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Saturday September 26, 2009

This weekend will feature the work of a number of New Mexico Women Authors to be held at the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. Published women authors filed submissions early in the year and now those who have been chosen will do readings and book signings.

Many of my friends, as well as myself (Susanna Starr), will be reading in various categories. My reading, from Fifty and Beyond; New Beginnings in Health and Well Being will be at 11:30 AM on Saturday, Sept. 26th with a book signing to follow. It will be in the Spirit, Home & Family Pavilion.

Mirabai Starr will also be doing a reading and book signing at 3:30 PM in the History & Biography Pavilion. Mirabai, as those of you who know her, is an outstanding speaker who has given readings all over the country.

Two other friends, Nancy King, recognized fiction writer and playwright as well as critically acclaimed author, Natalie Goldberg will be reading and signing also. All three of these women have many books published and have received much recognition in their fields.

The entire event should be well worth attending if you happen to live in the area……