Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keeping Fit in Senior Years

Although we all recognize that we live in a culture that stresses looking, acting, dressing and being part of a youth oriented society, the fact is that much of the population is 50 and beyond. Does that mean that those who are part of this segment of the population are exempt? Obviously not.

If we were to ask a healthy, fit, vital looking older person who pays attention to their state of health and well-being, what their age is, I think we would be surprised to find out that they are considerably older than we would have thought them to be. What does this mean? I think that we simply have to change our own image of the various stages of our lives and how we should look and feel.

Despite one of our favorite lines “it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look, darling,” I think most of us recognize that it’s how you feel. If a body is toned and fit, if the energy level is vital and the creative juices flowing strong, if the endurance and strength are evidenced, that person looks great! More importantly, that person feels great a good deal of the time.

To know that we are doing the best for ourselves, in mind, body and spirit, is a rewarding and satisfying feeling. To be able to hike, to garden, to do physical work without moaning and groaning every time we bend down (or even harder, get up), to spend a day at work without feeling totally exhausted is a sign of fitness. To be able to maintain a general feeling of well being most of the time is the proof that we’re succeeding in keeping ourselves healthy.

Exercising regularly, eating in a healthy and conscious way, keeping our weight at a desirable level, and maintaining a strong immune system, at any and all ages, will help insure a life that is rewarding. Keeping a mind that is active and creative, a body that is strong and fit and a spirit that is connected, will help insure the quality of life, whatever the quantity of years that we’re given. It is vital to our best interests to insure that we stay healthy at any age, but even more so at fifty and beyond. If you haven’t tuned into this yet, and you’re part of this age group, it’s time to begin….now. The results will amaze you!