Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowy Day in the Mountains of Northern New Mexico

I had just about opened my eyes when John came in to say that we could have tea by the fire to commemorate the snow that had fallen during the night. With the covers tucked up to my chin, I was just awakening from a dream about driving my vehicle while completely covered above my eyes with the comforter. It was somewhat nerve racking, not being able to see where I was going, so it was a relief to wake up.

Since we returned from our stay in Mexico just last week, we’ve been exulting at the mild weather we’ve been having at the end of December, which can often be bitter cold, here in the mountains of New Mexico. Even though the weather forecast predicted it, the snow that fell last night was more like what we associated with this time of the year. Although Christmas was balmy, it looked as though we were definitely going to have a snowy landscape to celebrate the New Year the day after tomorrow.

As always, when I see snow and know that more is on its way, I always vacillate about whether or not to drive into town to work. This is the time when we have our big annual clearance sale at the gallery and I’m always programmed to be there every day possible. However, living out in the country, there are other considerations, like visibility on the highway. By the time noon rolled around, I had made up my mind. Knowing that I’d have to leave early to come home before the snow froze on our dirt roads leading home, it just didn’t seem to be worth while to contemplate going in for just a few hours. Good decision!

With warm clothes and the heat cranked up to the comfort zone, it was totally lovely being indoors with no schedule or menu of things to be done. Leisurely, I played in the garden room, removing the remaining dead leaves from the plants that had been without my daily care for three weeks. Then I swept the floor, but all done gradually. Finally, it felt finished and the garden room was abloom again in a clean and bright atmosphere, just the way I like it to be.

And that’s how the day passed, some time on the computer, some time cleaning the kitchen, some time writing out my schedule for the next few days (but not today!), some time just sitting with John discussing our plans for our upcoming Mexico trip next week. There was nothing exciting, unusual or noteworthy. Except…..if this could be considered an ordinary day, I celebrated the ordinary, grateful for the time to be cozy and warm, unhurried and unstressed, appreciating the beauty outside.

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